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What to do in our beautiful Catalan village & its surroundings ?

The charming Catalan village of Banyuls-dels-Aspres is located in the heart of the Aspres valley, a little high up on a small hill (approximately 80 m from the sea) in front of the high Albères mountains and its famous Pic du Neoulous (1,256 m) as well as at the behind the famous Pic du Canigou (2,785 m), jewels and pride of our region. A wine village of around 1,250 inhabitants, much less known than Banyuls-sur-Mer and its famous vineyards on the rocky coasts of the seaside, this village is however much better placed, particularly for easy travel in the Eastern Pyrenees. The 2 “banyuls” were also historically linked to the same lordship (coat of arms with the 2 dragons).

Close to numerous ports on the Mediterranean coast, the most famous of which remains the majestic Collioure, one of the oldest port towns (22 km), but also Argelès-sur-Mer (19 km) with its marina and its long beaches of fine sand, such as St Cyprien, Canet en Roussillon, Ste Marie-de-la-Mer or even further up Barcarès then Port Leucate (in Aude); therefore also quite close to good restaurants as well as the numerous sporting and tourist activities offered mainly from May to October but also beyond.

In addition, this round stone village typical of the south of France is located barely 15 km from Spain and its famous border of Perthus with its numerous shops and the even closer small town of Boulou (around 5,500 inhabitants). ) just 8 km by car and which has a spa resort, certainly less known than that of Amélie-les-Bains (26 km), but still very sought after for its sodium bicarbonate properties rich in mineral salts and trace elements. In addition, there are several artificial or natural lakes all around Banyuls (which actually means “baths” in Latin), such as that of the ponds of St-Jean-Pla-de-Corts (12 km) or Palau-del- Vidre (11 km) or even the large lake of Villeneuve de la Raho (13 km) with also water activities in summer and always numerous equestrian, hiking or cycling paths, as well as the small Montescot Golf Course (10 km) or the largest golf course in St Cyprien (20 km).

Some amenities & shops : A small market of local artisans and producers takes place on Wednesday mornings on the village square (5 minutes walk) near the Post Office and the Town Hall, a tobacco bar and bread store: “The Petit Banyuls”, the “Village Catalan” hotel, a campsite below, a pharmacy and doctors, and finally our unique pizzeria “Hop Hop Hop! » less than 5 minutes on foot. Otherwise you will find all the necessary shops in Le Boulou 10 minutes by car (supermarkets and market on Thursday and Sunday mornings) including a Biocoop or Réso Bio, Lidl or Leclerc, or a larger market 15 km away in Thuir or the market more picturesque of Céret 17 km away (known as the “artists’ village”, on Saturday mornings) or 15 km away in the large city of Perpignan (around 120,000 inhabitants) all the many other shops and activities all year round.

Think about real Green Eco-tourism, Cycle tourism & Slow Life !

What if you simply took THE TIME TO SLOW DOWN a little, since speed is undoubtedly killing us today !

In our modern societies, especially urban ones, as with the global banking and monetary system, time is constantly accelerating at great speed, in time-consuming ways. People whatever their backgrounds, genders and nationalities are far too over-stimulated because they are connected to robots, computers and screens almost 24 hours a day. The vast majority in the West live at 100 or 200 km/hour all day long and run all year round, even our entire lives, after increasingly erratic schedules. This is to try to reach “metro-work-resto-sleep” on time, manage our daily tasks as well as possible with dependent children or teenagers and other responsibilities, participate as best we can in associative, cultural, festive or sports (for us or our loved ones), still keep a few friends, stay young and attractive, perform well at work or in bed, etc. Always in competition with machines as with other humans (neighbors, colleagues, friends, siblings, schools, social networks, etc.), constantly in the search for physical and sporting performance, sensual and sexual, intellectual or other.

As a result, too stressed, too often and for too long, we take stimulants to keep us going (chocolate, coffee/tea and other hidden sugars in junk food, energy drinks, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, medicines, etc.). Without realizing that we gradually end up becoming clogged (clogged emunctories = chronic inflammation), falling ill and sometimes even dying prematurely (respiratory then digestive allergies, chronic and immunodepressive illnesses, cancers, etc.). And when finally, from time to time, we can slow down a little and unwind during a well-deserved vacation, weekend or occasional vacation, we have the “counter-effect” of this excessive speed and the over-stress of our “Quick Life “. In psychoanalysis, we call this the “boomerang” effect or the “decompensation” phase with more or less visible, annoying or even disabling side effects.

This is why, to prevent overheating, we suggest at Mas Natura that you finally take the time for you and your loved ones to simply slow down, breathe and ventilate fully, store as much marine and saline iodine as possible through sea water or swimming pool and especially melatonin through natural light from the sun and even the moon and stars. All this to sleep better, walk rather than run and eat more slowly… That is to say to experience the “Slow Life” which comes from “Slow Food” which “is an international movement whose main objective to raise awareness among citizens about eco-gastronomy and alternative consumption.” Despite its anglicism, it comes from an Italian concept dating from 1986 to take the opposite approach to fast food such as “Fast Food” by proposing, on the contrary, in Roman restaurants not only to take more time to eat but above all to eat better. , more slowly, locally and above all healthily. Knowing that this is only a suggestion, absolutely not an obligation !

Thus, in the same state of mind, the department of Pyrénées Orientales wants to offer its inhabitants as well as visitors another way of getting around by improving pedestrian and cycle traffic each year through better-developed paths and tracks, if possible in gravel rather than concrete, with small bridges below or above major roads to facilitate the movement of local residents and tourists, the movement of wildlife and therefore also the preservation of local flora. But above all in order to better connect towns and villages, hamlets to each other, particularly between sea and mountains, which will allow in the more or less long term to reduce traffic jams and road traffic with their inevitable carbon dioxide emissions, and therefore to at the same time reduce heat peaks, the reduction of species and pollution in general. Especially since we live in one of the most beautiful regions of France that is still quite wild and natural, when it escapes real estate and wind industrial developers… At least, we hope so for a long time !

It is with this objective also that we provide our guests, in addition to documentation on tourist activities, local maps of cycle, hiking or equestrian trails, as well as a list of good addresses of artisans, traders, farmers and local winegrowers, such as good gourmet, semi-gastronomic or other restaurants, in order to combine, as in Italy or Spain, “Bella Vita” & “Slow Life/Slow Food” with “Belle Vie” or “Art de Living” from the South of France too.

Recharge your batteries at the thermal baths of the Pyrénées Orientales

Thermal baths at Le Boulou
« Le Boulou’s water and care, traditionally known for their hepatic and digestive benefits, also improve chronic cardio-arterial disorders such as Raynaud’s Syndrome thanks to a highly medicalized spa circuit. » Learn more

Thermes à Amélie-Les-Bains
Thermes à Vernet-Les-Bains, Molitg-les-Bains, La Preste-Les-Bains
Les Bains chauds de Llo, Les Bains de St Thomas, Les Bains Romains de Dorres

CALICÉO Wellness Center
SPA-Hammam-Sauna-Bains-Beauty-aerobics-Aquabike-Aquatraining 3 rue du Capcir – South Roussillon Business Park – 66280 SALEILLES
tel: 0 826 30 36 66 – 10h00 to 20h30 (7D / 7) at 15km

Before your stay, do not forget to check the activities and new events in our region on the tourist offices websites. Moreover, like Argelès-Sur-Mer, “Le Boulou has a very important cultural, sports, charitable and associative network”, and the cycling tourism is also well developed as in the rest of the Eastern Pyrenees : Bike and picnic on the fly and Velocarte66

  • The Hiking and cycle paths : see Vélo Sud Location in Boulou (9 km : ) or Le Guidon Futé à Argelès-sur-Mer (18 km :
  • The Equestrian hikes : Les Écuries St Jordi in St Génis des Fontaines (6 km : 06 11 59 52 84) or Centre Equestre St Georges in Ponteillas (12 km : )
  • The Hiking : around the lake and fishing near Banyuls Dels Aspres (6 km : Bergerie dels Monts, Locality, “Als Bachous” in Villelongue-Dels-Monts), The Massif des Albères around Laroque des Albères and the Pic of Néulos (1,256 m) on foot from the Chalet de L’Albère Restaurant (Col de l’Ouillat : 3 km du Pic) or by car to the station (30 km from Banyuls dels Aspres) or the famous Pic du Canigou (2,785 m) from the Refuge des Mariailles on reservation (from Casteil, 9km: 04 68 05 57 99).
  • And as with professionals it’s even better, remember to also book your hiking or mountain biking routes and other sports activities “over the water” (Traking, Tail & Running, Canyoning, Canoeing or river kayaking or de mer, Rafting, Canokraft, Hydrospeed, Stand up Paddle, etc.) with Inextremis Aventura : Jean & Sabrina Vilallongue (Canyons Monitors & Mountain Guides) at CERET (16 km away : 09 80 85 05 65 – 06 29 56 40 36)
  • The Golf courses : nearby the Montescot Golf (9 holes) in Villeneuve-de-la-Raho (9 holes 10 km away : 04 68 82 79 29) or theGolf de St Cyprien (27 holes 20 km away).
  • Nautical & diving centers : Central Windsurf in Argelès-sur-Mer (19 km : 07 50 60 57 61) or Diving Cap Cerbère (40 km : 04 68 88 41 00), water skiing TSJ Wake Park in St Jean-Pla-de-Corts (10 km: 06 67 83 56 62)
  • Airplane bases : ULM Aspres Aero flying club in Luppia (14 km : 06 88 21 84 58) or the Valespir paragliding-hang gliding wings les Ailes du Valespir (18 km : 07 69 29 61 05)

But be careful, once again, as the French saying goes : “Point trop n’en requis!” » but just what is needed… So here are some ideas below for activities to organize in advance or plan on site depending on the seasons, climate, duration and above all budgets & possibilities 🙂

Slide over the photos or ask us for more information on site or in advance after booking.