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The village and its environment

For many years, our activist and associative journey in the East of France (in Alsace-Lorraine) then here (in the South of the Eastern Pyrenees) has led us to an environmental commitment that is more and more realistic and demanding. Because the protection of our Planet and Ecosystem, the increasing pollution of our natural resources (water, air, land, fauna and flora) as the degradation of our health, that of our children and our living conditions in general, become more and more worrying. That is why we have also chosen this little haven of peace in Catalan country, nestled at the top of a rural and wine village, that is already committed at the municipal level to a sustainable development approach by committing to the “Zero Phyto” initiative as one of the first villages in France, by trying to become autonomous via renewable energy and by promoting private or collective vegetable gardens without pesticides, organizing the recycling of waste, etc.

Our eco-logical research

Thus, our choice to move towards Ecotourism and eco-responsible labels seemed obvious considering this environment! Recently established, we are just starting our activity of renting tourist accommodations, but our goal is always to remain anchored in a quality approach and environmental responsibility.

That’s why we have priority to work the insulation by changing all the aluminum double glazed doors and windows, put our large pool with chlorine-free salts with a nordic bath heated with wood (no energy-consuming sauna), and install solar panels full south and change at the same time the water heater in thermodynamic more economical with reversible air conditioning low noise and consumption, a large orchard and a kitchen garden with a small henhouse at the end of the long garden and the organization of a large meeting room for our courses, training, seminars and conferences, and other stakeholders, including health, pedagogy and ecology, environment and sustainable development…


“Ecotourism is one of the sectors with the highest development rate in the world, unlike mass tourism which degrades natural environments, it consists of integrating an ethical and eco-citizen dimension. Best practice guides start to take place, for a biodiversity awareness, in hotels and accommodation.

“Since the term “ecotourism” is not protected (just like “sustainable development” or “fair trade”), it is necessary to refer to the relevant associations in this field to identify the actual responsible offers.” and that’s too what we plan to do!

Local, organic and ecological trade

Because we have at heart as much to value the innovative local, artisanal and environmental approaches of our beautiful region, we selected here for you producers, artisans and traders ecological or ethical and always “made in France”, better “made in Catalan !

Moreover, come and visit our online store of ecological and fair items Mom-Child on

Mode Materneco


Come and discover on the spot (showroom, workshop of manufacture and storage) or on the Internet, our own articles mother-baby made in France, original creations of baby carriers and childcare in organic cotton and fashion woman and child ecological, ethical and equitable, of the pregnancy at birth and beyond.

If you wish to invite you even take a course of child Portage, on birth and physiological breastfeeding, baby massage or natural hygiene infant… In short, everything related or useful to the proximale mothering !

Domaine Viticole Mairende


Reasonable agriculture, 100% local and artisan: here is another real independent winemaker on the soil of Banyuls dels Aspres for four generations. Roussillon wines AOC. IGP. Sweet and natural wines, red wine (Côte du Roussillon – Silver Medal Vintage 2014), white wine (Muscat de Rivesaltes – Gold Medal Vintage 2016) and delicious rosé wine to discover on site and visit right next to Mas Natura –

Sale at the property: 35 rue des Vendanges 66300 Banyuls Dels Aspres – 06 77 75 77 22

Store Sale: 18 Boulevard de la Mer 66700 Argeles-sur-Mer – 06 81 82 00 24