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Renovations and eco-logical resolutions

As soon as we arrived in the village in 2017, having already been activists previously in Alsace-Lorraine within ecological associations, our choice was to develop “ecotourism” there. It seemed obvious in the middle of this magnificent natural environment with exceptional views of the mountains and the sea. We then started our tourist accommodation rental activity in 2018 with always respect for nature, architecture, craftsmanship and local commerce, by adhering to an approach of quality and environmental responsibility.

This is why we began the interior renovation of this large Catalan farmhouse of almost 350 m2 by reviewing the insulation as a priority and changing all the doors and windows for GROSFILLEX aluminum double glazing, insulating the attic with rock wool and finally by completely repainting and modernizing it. Then to save energy, we installed 18 photovoltaic “solar” panels on our large south-facing terrace with at the same time a “thermodynamic ambient air” water heater coupled everywhere with reversible air conditioning at low noise level and consumption (which mosquitoes hate and that’s good!). For the economy and quality of water, we have gradually installed several rainwater collectors, replaced our large swimming pool with salts (without chemical chlorine), reviewed the waterproofing of the roof as well as our magnificent roof terrace in solarium with NAMGRASS synthetic turf (choice of recycled plastic certified for 15 years) lighter, economical and ecological ultimately given the weight, the cost and especially the constraints of continuous watering for a green roof in the South of France. With better thermal insulation ultimately in the Tower by avoiding both humidity and energy loss in winter as well as heat accumulation in summer. Finally, we recently installed on each kitchen faucet Aragon-SR Geyser water purifiers from EPIXEN-Bien-être (carbon filters) because of the increase in chemical chlorine by the health authorities during tourist periods and the risk of nanoparticle deposits in city water.

For our other outdoor projects, we are still continuing with landscaping with our small orchard and vegetable garden in permaculture (obviously zero pesticides here, everything is weeded by hand or machines!) and a small chicken coop at the bottom of our large and long garden of 2 hectares that we would like to rehabilitate as before into a larger eco-logical orchard as well. In addition, we still refuse the installation of huge wind farms in the Aspres, as well as the LINKY “smart” radio frequency meter (probably carcinogenic in the long term) and CPL (power line carrier) technology which generates electromagnetic waves. potentially toxic, and collect users’ personal data to then resell them to the public and private sector, with risks of hacking and fire… (Read the Linky Black Book: ) And this is where we really enter the heart of the reactor: that is to say the biggest energy scams of the century !

Local ecotourism rather than foreign “greenwashing”

“Ecotourism is one of the sectors experiencing the highest rate of development in the world, unlike mass tourism which degrades natural environments, by integrating an ethical and eco-citizen dimension. Good practice guides are appearing for taking biodiversity into account in hotels” and accommodation in France as well – see Ecotourism.

Given that the term “local ecotourism” is not a protected label, just like that of “sustainable development” or “fair trade”, it is better to refer to the opinions of local residents, organic farmers and small local farmers, committed artists and craftsmen, truly independent traders like French Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and local associations more legitimate and competent in the matter than large industrialists & multinationals, often foreign and big brands, OGs or NGOs subsidized by the European Union to remotely identify what they consider to be “eco-logical and eco-responsible” offers in France and in our magnificent natural department of the Pyrénées Orientales. Neglected for too long by our Parisian leaders and their real estate developer friends, this has enabled the preservation of our landscapes and historical heritage. This is why always keep in mind that: true ecologists will always seek to act as little as possible on Nature and not the other way around. To meditate to better distinguish it in the future from the false “z’ecolos zététiciens” !

Because in France, like almost everywhere in Europe, we are witnessing an increasingly worrying phenomenon: industrial “greenwashing”, literally “green cleaning” consisting of inverting eco-logical values ​​by lying, frightening and making the most guilty. poor for the benefits of the richest. Small consumers, tourists and taxpayers to better tax them and plunder their meager resources under the pretext of “SAVE THE PLANET” while continuing to build and destroy it, or even let it be polluted by others and thus fatten the rich multinationals private and foreign. The biggest polluters still do not pay, moreover, a thousand times more energy consuming in reality than any farmers, even “non-organic”, rare French SMEs, small traders and local craftsmen or other residents or travelers passing through. To worry and distract the public’s attention from their regular economic, ecological, health, political and military scandals and “crises”, these multi-billionaire multinationals and their vampire shareholders, their money-hungry traitors and stateless banksters work together in the shadows in link with international mafia traffickers who use the corruption, drugs and sexual deviance of our leaders, the malice of “experts” and embezzlement of mercenary pharmaceutical firms or criminal agri-food companies. All these “pretty little people”, giving lessons and morals, however, try whenever possible to “green” their slogans and reputations via their complicit media and “green pass in favor-of-the-planet-and-the-world”. ‘environment’, gnagagna! While doing strictly the opposite and each time contenting themselves with paying their “carbon points” to better pollute in complete peace, just as rich Catholics previously paid their indulgences to the clergy to obtain their place in paradise (“paradise’s pass” too). ) while continuing to wallow in lust and debauchery during their lifetime.

Other Perfect Examples of Hidden “Greenwasking”

First, the scam of the 100% electric car absolutely in no way “eco-logico-responsible” when on the contrary we must aim in the 21st century towards a reduction in radioactive nuclear power plants, pollution from brakes and lithium batteries extracted in open-air “rare earth” mines where poor African, Asian or Native American children work like modern slaves to extract tons of precious metals for the manufacture of our computers and screens. Just as it will take kilometers of copper cables to make it possible to recharge almost everywhere soon all these millions of electric vehicles that are heavier and even more polluting than diesel, especially since they often break down in winter and are always lacking. of autonomy.

Second, the scandal of RE (so-called Renewable Energies) which are totally climate dependent, such as wind turbines (useless without wind) or solar power (useless at night), therefore still insufficient to reduce the number of nuclear, gas or coal power plants. While Tesla free energy magnetic motors have existed for more than two centuries using powerful magnets but which remain the exclusive domain of the military-industrial complex in order to preserve above all the hegemony of the petrodollar, Russian gas or German coal … While even today Archimedes’ endless screws continue to be used and developed in Hydrodynamic Screw Micro Power Plants installed on our canals and rivers. True 21st century mills to be developed in place of the gigantic wind turbines which destroy our landscapes, coastlines, mountains and historic buildings. Land and maritime wind turbines are very noisy and energy-consuming from their construction to their installation then dismantling (at the expense of local residents as usual), which will ultimately further pollute our environment over 20 or 30 years of operation by foreign private companies (tons of engine oil, concrete and underground reinforcement, burial of blades, etc.), and therefore which will poison and destroy thousands of migratory birds, large eagles, swallows and pipistrelles (increase in mosquitoes and resulting heat), as well as wildlife and the local flora, our forests, mountains, seas, etc. Finally, electromagnetic wind turbines as unsightly as they are useless since they will not produce any electricity locally (return to the national network to be resold at low cost abroad), nor as much as a nuclear power plant (barely 5-7% of our annual production in France for all renewable energies compared to around 75% for nuclear)

– Read “Wind turbines : The dark side of the ecological transition” & the “Energy war: At the heart of the new global conflict” by Fabien BOUGLE (editions du Rocher 2022 and 2023) : ; as well as the excellent documentary released in 2021 “WIND TURBINE : THE BEAUTIFUL ILLUSION” :

Other local, ecological and sustainable solutions :

While at the local level, in the Eastern Pyrenees, while continuing to develop solar panels on buildings and not on agricultural or wine-growing land, we should focus more, as in Portugal, on the reasoned and reasonable exploitation of Liège and firewood during the 2-3 months of winter. Excellent insulator, water-repellent (water-resistant) as well as flame-retardant (fire-resistant), cork is a natural material with multiple properties and potential (building, heating, furniture but also leather goods, etc.). Especially since we are witnessing the great return of wood stoves in our remote villages where spaced-out homes still allow it and where old fireplaces remain fueled by real logs and not by potentially harmful industrial pellets (in addition to the constraints linked to the ‘supply). Likewise, at the national level we should reorganize our large cities as well as our countryside by upgrading our wood sector from truly sustainable “green zones” here because they are more easily traceable and controllable than abroad; which would make it possible to preserve our beautiful and tall forests, the true “lungs of humanity” in the medium or long term! Especially if we continue to maintain and monitor them thanks to the vigilance of our forest guards, public municipal pruning and the perseverance of small private owners. Likewise, in certain places in France, geothermal energy should still be developed (based on terrestrial heat or underground hot water) but only in non-seismic zones such as for shale gas or methanization, which can also be useful in some cases (but not in all). And only in certain small, well-targeted and widely spaced French companies in order to intelligently recycle certain agricultural waste or household bio-waste processed on site and not imported or exported in containers abroad and thus avoid further supplying the immense “mountain” landfills. » in Africa, Asia, South America, etc.

In summary, you understand, always consider several “Local solutions for a global disorder” (film by Coline Serreau from 2010) without imposing anything but just proposing !

Our commitment to preserving life

For more than 20 years, our activist and associative journey in the East of France, in Alsace-Lorraine, then here in the South of the Pyrenees Orientales has led us towards a humanist commitment first and then environmental, increasingly realistic and demanding. Firstly within our AssociationDans LES BRAS which we co-founded in 2008 for the protection of children & the environment through birth, breastfeeding and proximal mothering (carrying, baby massage , natural infant hygiene, organic food, CNV, etc.)

This is also why we chose this little haven of peace in the Catalan country, nestled at the top of a rural and wine-growing village, itself already committed at the municipal level to a sustainable development approach, passing among the first villages of France in “Zero phytho” while trying to become relatively “autonomous” in renewable energies thanks first to photovoltaics, by promoting private or collective vegetable gardens without pesticides, by organizing composters or by improving roads and the quality of pipes or waste recycling, etc.

Below are some of our associations of heart and eco-citizen commitment :

Association Loi 1907 founded in 2008 in Phalsbourg by parents and professionals for the promotion and defense of Birth, Breastfeeding and Parenting with Respect for the Environment, in Alsace (Bas-Rhin – 67) and Lorraine ( Moselle – 57) or on request currently in PO (66)
Head Office : 4 rue Suzel 57360 Phalsbourg – tel: +33 (0)6 26 50 30 61

Association Loi 1901 founded in 2008 by a group of residents of Aspres who united to fight against recurring wind farm projects in the Pyrenees Orientales and “defend the beauty of natural spaces and their quality of life in this beautiful dominated region by the Canigou”.
Head office : 8 residence plein soleil 66300 TRESSERRE – tel: 06 03 38 77 60

Association governed by Law 1901, founded in 2004 by professionals and residents of electricity pylons, Linky meters or others, who subsequently became electrosensitive and who now work at the national level for information on the real dangers of wireless technologies, their ban on anarchic expansion and health security for all.
Date of foundation : May 19, 2004.
Head office : 22 rue Descartes – 78460 CHEVREUSE
Tel : 09 73 32 35 00 – contact[a]
Mondays from 6:00 p.m. / 7:30 p.m. (all subjects) or Fridays from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. or Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. (only for electrohypersensitive people: EHS)