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General Terms and Conditions of Sale Tourism Furnished Flat 66 MAS NATURA

The contract is signed between the “client” or “internet user” responsible for all “tenant (s)” accommodated during the stay and the “owners” or their “representative” present at the arrival and departure of the client and the delivery or return of keys.

Article 1 : Prices, reservation and balance, contract and length of stay

Because of the seasonal activity, the prices vary legally according to the years, seasons and availability, number of nights, people and ages, minimum stay, weekend or week or more, if supplements, animals or others. The contract is concluded for a limited period and is made at time T when booking, according to the information provided by the customer who cannot claim any reimbursement in the event of errors or subsequent changes made by him. , nor require the right to access or maintain in the premises if a tenant or “guest” violates the conditions of the contract and rules of politeness, safety, hygiene, etc. The customer who signed the contract (or his designated representative) could then be refused entry or receive penalties if, without notifying the owners (or their representative), he was not present during the inventory of fixtures in arrival and departure with hand delivery of the deposit and keys.

Knowing that a contract concluded between two parties cannot even partially benefit third parties, natural or legal persons, without the prior written consent of the owners, the customer remains the first responsible in the event of litigation and degradation. Any voluntary silence, unjustified absence, violence and breach of the regulations and these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) would be liable to result in the termination of the contract at the fault of the customer. The owner can refuse any additional person or animal not specified in advance, increase the rental price or demand their departure without reimbursement.

A reservation confirmation commits the future customer who must have read and signed these General Conditions of Sale (GTC) available on the official website before any reservation as well as the regulations on the inventory during the state of the premises. To validate your reservation and block the dates of the stay, a 1st payment will be requested which can represent between 50 and 100% of the rental amount. For reservations made before 60 or 30 days and for group cottages, the full price of the stay will be requested by check, bank transfer or cash. Because of the risk of data hacking, in general we do not accept bank transfers for a 1st installment. For payment by check, we will temporarily block the dates 7 to 14 days maximum in advance, the time to receive the payment on our account. If it is a payment by Credit Card (CB) 50 or 100% will be taken via our secure platform with bank fees and commission for the owner which will then be deducted in case of cancellation and refund request.

The entire stay must be paid at least 30 or 14 days before the expected date of arrival, by check, transfer, money order or credit card, except in the last minutes (14 to 7 days before arrival). In any case, we do not accept any payment for the stay on the same day, or in some cases only in cash, on site.

In accordance with Art. L121-21-8 of the French Consumer Code, relating in particular to the provision of accommodation services provided on a given date or according to a determined periodicity, the tenant does not benefit from the usual withdrawal period, whether either for reservations made by mail, telephone or even online. On the other hand, in the event of an entry error or other within 24h of booking, contact us to see how to rectify it, knowing that bank charges could then apply.

Article 2 : In case of cancellation or postponement of the stay

– by the tenant : The cancellation must be notified to the owner quickly by telephone, email with confirmation of reading, mail to the address indicated, or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt in the event of a dispute.

In all cases, the cancellation must be confirmed in writing to be validated. After the cancellation period with or without reimbursement or if no one appears on the scheduled day of arrival, the contract becomes void and the owner can then dispose of the rental to try to rent it in “last minutes” at a price reduced. The entire price will then be retained as compensation for financial loss for having blocked the rental unnecessarily. After the cancellation deadline, no refund will be made except in “cases of force majeure due to an unforeseeable and insurmountable external event” recognized by the authorities (such as hurricane or cyclone, volcanic eruption, earthquake, terrorist attacks, armed conflict on the department, unpredictable general confinement, etc.). But a postponement of the stay may be proposed by mutual agreement depending on the circumstances and the season, but only if valid reasons given.

But generally before 60 days the deposit remains due :
— For lodges and rooms : if the cancellation takes place up to 60 days before arrival the price of the stay will be refunded (excluding bank charges), then no refund will be made except in cases of force majeure, unforeseeable and with supporting documents.
– For group lodgings with rooms : the 50% deposit is not refundable but the rest is refundable up to 60 days before arrival, after which no refund will be made except in cases of force majeure, unpredictable and with supporting documents.
– For the entire domain: no refund will be accepted given the ancillary costs of rentals and trips incurred.

– by the owner : Likewise in the event of force majeure, emergencies or other unforeseen events, we will promptly inform the customer by telephone and email with acknowledgment of receipt. Depending on the situation, we can offer either a total or partial refund, a replacement stay in the establishment on another date agreed with the client or its re-rental with the other tenants in another accommodation suitable to them, depending on availability and seasons. In all cases, no compensation may be required but only a refund, postponement or credit for the customer.

Article 3 : Inventory, deposit, taxes, charges and supplements

Barring serious unforeseen circumstances, the client, and/or adult tenant who represents him, must present himself on the specified day of arrival between the time slots mentioned on his contract. In the event of a late or delayed arrival, he must promptly notify the owner or his representative. In the event of an early arrival, the tenant may not require the handing over of the keys too early, nor ask for reimbursement or compensation without valid reason, or just for having misjudged or understood the organization of the rooms or others. Our website with photos and videos provides enough information and an almost complete “virtual tour” of the places, such as detailed descriptions to read, wath and check carefully before booking.

After a quick inventory of fixtures, a paper inventory is provided on arrival with a copy of the contract to be signed, as well as an invoice when the tenants leave. This inventory is the main reference in the event of a dispute. A security deposit or “deposit” (in cash and/or by check depending on the situation and choice of the owner) is then requested and will be returned after the contradictory establishment of the inventory when the tenants leave; After deduction of any restoration costs and other costs or penalties if significant nuisance or dirt (such as smoke or cigarettes found in and around the accommodation), damage, breakage, theft or disappearance, etc. Normally the deposit is returned immediately or within 30 working days if incivility, damage or other had been noted (pending estimate) or suspected by the owners or their representative during the stay and inventory.
All charges (water, gas, electricity, swimming pool, Wifi …) are included in the initial price, except the tourist tax which is now to be paid on site at the actual rate (approximately 2%) depending on the number of overnight stays and ‘adults present during the stay and will be charged on arrival in cash, with compulsory cleaning on arrival and departure. Other supplements requested in advance (such as bed linen, towels, cot, animals, Nordic bath, etc.) will also be payable in cash on site upon arrival. Their amounts are displayed on the internet and can be consulted with the rental descriptions.

Since the famous “Covid health crisis”, the complete cleaning of personal living spaces (interior and exterior) are invoiced, as provided by the owners themselves before and after each rental. But, in all cases, it is requested at least the full storage of the premises and terraces as received on arrival and rapid cleaning before the inventory of departure. In the event of non-compliance, degradation, disappearance, breakages or other possible damage, a cleaning, replacement or repair fee may be claimed or deducted from the deposit.

Article 4 : Insurance and maintenance, rules of life, safety and hygiene

Both the customer and his “guests”(majors or minors sleeping or just passing through during the stay) are responsible for all damages arising from their fault or from a third party invited by them, such as children, teenagers or animals, etc. He is therefore invited to take out a holiday-type civil liability insurance contract for potential risks, even from abroad. This may be requested on arrival or, failing that, a sworn statement during the inventory and inventory of fixtures. According to French law, the client-tenant is required to enjoy the rented property as a “good father or mother” according to the T&Cs and regulations provided on site and therefore to ensure the maintenance, hygiene and safety conditions of the spaces. rented. The state of cleanliness must also be noted by the client or tenant(s) with the owner(s) or his representative on arrival and departure. In the event of absence of signature on arrival if too late or at night, upon signature of the contract with inventory and handing over of the keys, an agreement in principle is then established between the parties and the customer-tenant cannot contest any possible damage or disappearances discovered subsequently.

The customer and his “guests” tenants are warned before their arrival that the interior spaces, even private ones, are “non-smoking” and that they are staying in an area with a high risk of fire. “Smoking areas” are only offered on the terraces and balconies, on the condition that the tenant “guests” use the ashtrays and take all the necessary security measures. In the event of non-compliance, such as incivility and illicit or inappropriate behavior, the owner or representative may demand departure and withhold penalties from disrespectful tenants.

Similarly, for the sake of communion with Nature and good relations with the neighborhood or others, all residents are asked to respect the basic rules of community life, nocturnal noise (not after 10 p.m. and no sound system or personal enclosure) or early morning (not before 7am, nor every day or evening), politeness as respect for others, as well as hygiene especially around the swimming pool (not authorized for pets) as in other spaces to be shared collegially and put away regularly (risk of rain, wind, etc.). Remember that this also applies to our animal friends as well as to young children who should never be left alone without supervision in indoor or outdoor spaces.

Knowing that in the event of non-compliance with the rules, contracts and conditions, the owners or their representative have every right to demand the departure of the client or “guest” tenants who are too noisy or alcoholic or even verbally or physically violent, therefore potentially dangerous to them. They will then not be able to protest, cancel their stay or even demand compensation due to their own inappropriate behavior such as unfortunate nuisances (noise or other) for which the owners cannot themselves be held responsible (neighborhood noise, communal works, etc.). .). They will also not be able to oppose any repairs or interventions whose importance, urgency or necessity may appear essential to be carried out before, during or after their stay.

Article 5 : Payment security and data protection

All the technical means for securing orders and payments are made on our website by our webmaster and associated banking services. However, despite all the precautions taken and the reputation for reliability of the settlement systems, the owner can in no way be held responsible for consequences resulting from fraudulent methods of piracy consisting in usurping his identity in order to organize false reservations, ” extract banking information, personal and confidential data or others. Indeed, it is up to everyone to be vigilant, to verify the information or even to call the telephone beforehand and to take all the necessary verification precautions. The personal data of Internet users and / or tenants will never be sold or even disseminated to third parties for any reason whatsoever.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 06/01/78 amended in 2004 and the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD) of the EU n ° 2016/679, since May 25, 2018, customers- Internet users and / or tenants have the right to access, query, modify, rectify and delete data and information concerning them and may exercise it at any time, either by writing to the company’s address :

MAS NATURA, 31 rue des Vendanges 66300 BANYULS DELS ASPRES, either by phone on 06 26 50 30 61 or by email via the site page :

Article 6 : Virtual and intellectual properties, defamation…

The individual company Mas Natura remains the owner of its photos, documents, texts, videos, general architecture, images, animated or not, logos, graphics and sounds, published physically or virtually on the internet and in particular on its personal site

Any user who has a site, blog, page or other on the internet, personally, voluntarily or professionally, who wishes to link directly to the Mas Natura site, should normally request permission. If this was not the case, then this would not be an implied affiliation agreement and the company would refuse any misuse or malicious attempts that might result from it. In any case, links, copies of images, texts or other, even tacitly authorized, must be withdrawn on request.

Note that any attempt at scams, false testimonies, slander and defamation, even apparently “free” but marked with malice, such as unfair competition with respect to the Mas Natura company and its owners or occupants, or even on the part or on other customers or guests, could lead to civil or criminal legal proceedings in France.

Article 7 : In case of disputes or challenges

In the event of litigation or disputes, it is always better to find a compromise and common ground that is acceptable to both parties. However, if this were not possible The Médiateur du Tourisme et des Voyages or Tribunal de Grande Instance of Perpignan will be the only ones able to rule on possible litigation.