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Tourism Furnished Flat 66 MAS NATURA

This contract is signed between the “customer,” “tenant” or “surfer” and the “owner,” “seller” or his “representative” present at the arrival and departure of the customer and the delivery or return of the keys.

Article 1 : The stay price and length
Prices are listed in each description and generally correspond to the overall cost of renting the cottage for a week, often from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning or according to the days and times defined at the time of the contract. On average or high season or during the French school holidays, it is usually concluded by the week (April to October) or for a minimum of 5 or 2 days on a weekend or mid-week in low season (November to March). It cannot exhede up to 3 months. Always refer to our internet and calendar as a priority to find out the rates and availability.

The tenant who signs the fixed-term contract is notified of price differences depending on the time of year and booking dates and will not be able to claim any refund according to any changes to or even demand the right to maintain the premises at the end of the stay concluded according to the information provided by him at the time of his booking.

Article 2 : The contract and booking
The contract between the two parties and originally provided for one or more accommodation and/or room rentals and cannot even partially benefit third parties, individuals or corporations, unless the owner has written confirmation. Any breach of this clause would be likely to result in the immediate termination of the tenant’s wrongful lease, as the proceeds of the tenancy remain permanently acquired from the landlord.

A simple enamel engages the future customer but a booking only really becomes effective when the customer or operator (Booking, AirBnB, Expedia, etc.) who represents it signs a booking confirmation either online via the website of the operator or Mas Natura in this case the settlement will be made directly to the owner’s account, either by mail with the payment of the deposit representing at least 50% of the total amount of the rental and a copy of the contract signed before the date indicated on which case the owner is free to put it back online so for sale. A second paper copy is to be kept by the customer.

In all cases, the customer undertakes to have first read and signed the present General Terms of Sales (CGV) either by mail or e-mail or by the platform of his operator as well as the site before any settlement and reservation. Any confirmation or signature is worth accepting the CGV.

Article 3 : The settlement of the final balance
The balance of the rental is normally due at least 30 days before the start of the stay or earlier if “early booking” or later if “last minute booking” with suitable price each time. Before this deadline, the customer will be asked by phone or email to pay this amount. For bookings made less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the full price of the stay may be charged at the conclusion of the contract or at least 14 days before the scheduled arrival date. The owner will be able to terminate the contract and refuse the customer’s entry if the customer has not previously paid his reservation in full, without refund, compensation or other.

During an online payment on any website, the customer agrees to pay the requested sums according to the payment methods offered online. It is stipulated that errors in typing dates or contact details such as indicated prices (e.g. during a bank transfer) entered by the customer will not be re-entered or refunded afterwards, but depending on the situation, an credit may be offered for a next stay.

Payment by cheque, bank transfer or debit of the customer’s bank card will be made in euro only and then transferred either by Chanel Manager Eviivo to the credit Agricole bank account or via Paypal which can generate additional fees for the owner to be claimed from the customer on the original contract.

Article 4 : The absence of the right of withdrawal
In accordance with Article L121-21-8 of the Consumer Code, which relates, in particular, to the provision of accommodation services provided on a specified date or periodicity, the tenant does not benefit from the usual withdrawal period, either for bookings made by mail, phone or even internet.

Article 5 : In case of cancellation by the tenant
In case of cancellation by the tenant any cancellation must be notified to the landlord as soon as possible by telephone (oral or SMS) and then by enamel with confirmation of reading or mail (written route) to the address of the and finally by letter recommended with acknowledgement in the event of a challenge.

If the cancellation takes place less than 14 days before the scheduled arrival date via the operators or 30 days via the Mas Natura site, if the tenant does not show up at all or if he shows up too late or even on the scheduled day of his arrival , the contract becomes null and void and the owner can dispose of his apartment to try to rent it in the last minutes to other customers via the internet. The entire price of the stay is then acquired from the owner in compensation, except in cases of major force or agreements between the two parties. If the cancellation takes place before the 14 days via the operators or 30 days live on the site then the initial down payment (50% of the price of the stay) remains acquired to the owner in compensation for the financial damage for blocking the rental Unnecessarily.

If the stay is shortened by the tenant, without good reason due to a fault or error of the owner, or in case of “force majeure” by the fact of an external event, unpredictable and insurmountable (hurricane or cyclone if plane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, attacks, conflict armed on the area, etc.), the price of the rental remains due in full and no refund will be made.

Article 6 : In case of cancellation by the owner
In case of cancellation by the owner, the owner is also required to inform his customer quickly by phone or email with notice of receipt. The tenant will be reimbursed immediately and without penalty of the sums paid.

If the customer has come through an operator, he will also be able to receive through the latter compensation at least equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation had taken place on that date, without further compensation. These provisions do not apply if the booking was made through the site or when an amicable agreement is reached instead for the tenant’s acceptance of a substitute stay on dates that suit both parties.

Depending on the situation and the operator’s assistance, the owner can also make a full or partial refund or re-lease the customers in another rental suitable for them (depending on availability and seasons).

Article 7 : The day of arrival
The tenant must show up on the specified day and between the time slots mentioned on his contract. In case of late or delayed arrival or last-minute prevention, the tenant should notify the landlord or his representative as soon as possible (phone, SMS, enamel with reading confirmation, etc.), including the enamel, phone and address on the voucher or description sheet. In addition, in case of early arrival the tenant will not be able to demand the handing over of the keys too early, neither in case of arrival too late or delayed (unless previously announced delay or case of force majeure already mentioned), nor to ask for reimbursement or compensation.

Article 8 : The payment of taxes, charges and surcharges
All charges are included in the initial price, except the residence tax which is now paid in real terms: 2% depending on the number of overnight stays and adults (minors being exempt) and will be levied on arrival. Other supplements requested in advance or on the spot by the customer-surfer and/or tenant are to be paid in cash and euros also on arrival. Their amounts are posted on the website and can also be found on the listings in the rentals. A detailed invoice will be given to the tenant at the end of his stay.

Article 9 : The security deposit or surety
Upon the tenant’s arrival, a deposit or “guarantee” will be requested. The amount is shown at the time of booking and on the paper contract. After the contradictory establishment of the state of the exit places (and or taken photos), this deposit will be returned either immediately or within 14 working days if damage was found on the spot or was likely to be subsequently damaged; deducted from the cost of rehabilitation and other expenses.

Article 10 : The insurance
The tenant is responsible for any damage that occurs by him or a third party invited by him as his children or animals. He is invited to take out a contract of liability insurance of the type-resort for the various potential risks during his stay in France, even coming from abroad. A certificate of insurance may be claimed upon entry or, failing that, a certificate of honour.

Article 11 : The inventory and maintenance of the rental
According to French law, the tenant is obliged to enjoy the property rented as a “good father or mother of a family”. However according to the insurers, in order to avoid any surprises on both sides, a detailed inventory is drawn up jointly and signed by the tenant and the landlord either on arrival or the next day if arrival late or nocturnal and then check at the time of departure. tenant’s. This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute. The cleanliness of the apartment will also have to be noted by the tenant and the owner on arrival as well as at the start. In the event of no signatures on arrival, an agreement in principle is then established between the parties and the tenant will not be able to dispute any damage or disappearances discovered afterwards.

The cleaning of personal living spaces (inside and outside) is the responsibility of the tenant during the rental period and before his departure, unless supplements had been agreed in the contract. In case of non-compliance, disappearances or possible damage, a cleaning, replacement or repair package may be claimed or deducted from the security deposit.

Articles 12 : Our capacity to welcome people and animals
The contract specifies the number of people (adults and children over 3 years of age) expected to stay in the apartment. The owner can refuse any additional person or increase the rental price if necessary. The tenant cannot claim compensation for having misunderstood the organization of lodgings, rooms and stays or other. If the rental does not suit him, he can still refuse it but will lose the entire price or down payment already paid according to the opinion of the owner and his agency or internet operator and their CGV.

The contract specifies whether or not the tenant can stay with a pet (2 maximum for the Nest but none for the Tower for example) and the possible surcharge to be paid when booking. If the tenant does not comply with this clause, the owner can ask for a supplement or refuse the animal and therefore the customers.

Article 13 : The rules of life, safety and hygiene
The tenant is advised before arrival that outdoor or indoor spaces, even private ones, are “non-smoking” and that they are staying in an area at high risk of fire. However, a smoking area will be offered on the terraces and balconies, under a commitment that the tenant or other family members and friends use the ashtray made available to them and take all necessary security measures.

Similarly, in the interests of good understanding with the neighbourhood, other tenants or simply other members of the owner’s family in their adjoining dwelling, all residents are asked to respect the basic rules of life in community, noises especially at night or in the morning, politeness as well as respect for others, even hygiene, especially around the pool and collective spaces. A landlord has every right to demand the departure of a tenant who is disrespectful, too noisy or or even unsafe at home.

Article 14 : The potential nuisances and noises in or around homes
The tenant will not be able to protest, cancel his stay or even demand compensation because of unfortunate external or internal nuisances for which the owner cannot be held responsible. Nor will it be able to object to any repairs whose importance, urgency or necessity may appear essential or urgent to be made during the duration of its stay, without receiving compensation or reimbursements.

Article 15 : The payment security
In order to ensure payment security, the site uses Eviivo’s secure payment services in connection with Crédit Agricole (e-transaction Paybox). Confidential data is transmitted directly encrypted to their servers without transiting on the physical media of the merchant’s. The online provision of the card number and the final validation of the booking will be worth signing and proof of the due stake, as well as the express acceptance of all transactions carried out on the site as well as these CGV.

All technical means to secure orders and payments have been carried out on our own website as well as on that of our partner agencies or internet operators. However, despite all the precautions taken and the reputation for reliability of the settlement systems used, the owner cannot be held responsible for consequences resulting from fraudulent methods of usurping his identity or for example, for example, to arrange false bookings, to extort banking information, personal and confidential data, etc. It is up to both the customer and the Internet user to be vigilant, to call the phone beforehand and to think about taking all necessary verification precautions.

Article 16 : The data protections
In accordance with the Computer and Freedoms Act of 06/01/78 amended in 2004 and the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD) of the EU No. 2016/679, since 25 May 2018, the customer-user-tenant has had a right of access, questioning, modifying, correcting and deleting data and information about it and will be able to carry it out at any time, either by writing to the company’s head office : MAS NATURA, 31 rue des Vendanges 66300 BANYULS DELS ASPRES, by phone on 06 26 50 30 61 or by email via the website page: Contact ( The personal data of internet customers and/or tenants will never be sold or even disseminated to third parties for any reason.

Article 17 : The virtual and intellectual properties
The individual company Mas Natura remains wholly owns its photos, documents, texts, videos, general architecture, animated or not images, logos, graphics and sounds published physically or virtually on the internet and especially on the site

Any user who has a site, blog, page or other on the internet, personally, volunteer or professionally, who wishes to make a link referring directly to the site of Mas Natura, should normally ask permission. If this were not the case, then it would not be an implied affiliation agreement and Mas Natura would refuse any misuse or attempts at malice that might result. In any case, links, copies of images, texts or other, even tacitly authorized, will have to be removed on request.

Namely, any attempt to scam, false testimony and defamation, even apparently gratuitous, as unfair competition against the company Mas Natura as its owners or occupants, or even to other customers, could prosecution in both the Civil and Criminal Proceedings in France.

Article 18 : In case of disputes or challenges
In the event of litigation or disputes, it is always better to find a compromise and common ground that is acceptable to both parties. However, if this were not possible The Médiateur du Tourisme et des Voyages or Tribunal de Grande Instance of Perpignan will be the only ones able to rule on possible litigation.