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How to book one of our lodgings at the best price ?

Booking directly here without intermediary your stay in individual lodging or group lodgings on our own website and thus pay less with less bank charges also according to the means of payment and especially without additional commissions OTAs (about 20 to 30% less) . It’s therefore more economical, eco-logical and even more eco-practical for everyone !

Due to automatic restrictions on arrival or departure days, minimum number, etc. The calendar may thus require between 2 or 6 days minimum (3 for Ascension or Pentecost for example) depending on the seasons and public holidays, or only from Saturday to Saturday in summer and for a minimum of 7 or 14 days, prohibit reservations at months or on the contrary authorize them up to 3 months maximum outside the summer periods (from June to September), etc. Knowing that you can also book your accommodation(s) on Saturday and only arrive on Sunday noon or leave rather Friday evening… we can, depending on the case, emergency situations and times of the year, remain flexible.

This is why in case of doubt, it is always better to check and obtain more information and quotes more suited to your situation, budget, number of guests (adults, children, animals…), other needs and desired periods. by contacting us by email, SMS or telephone on 06 26 50 30 61.

Can I book one or more lodgings online on this site ?

From now on you can reserve a single gîte separately or the 2 gîtes at the same time with its room on the ground floor by paying all or half of the price for the reservation(s) : THE NEST of approximately 69 m2 on the ground floor chaussée (for 4 to 6 people with 2 bedrooms and 2 large double beds or 4 small single beds + 1 sofa bed + 1 child/teen folding bed + 1 cot) and THE TOWER of approximately 65 m2 on the 1st floor (for 2 to 4 people with 2 bedrooms and 2 large double beds or 4 small single beds + 1 sofa bed or 1 child/teen folding bed + 1 cot) + the Meeting room & Reception (for approximately 20-30 guests depending on conditions) with 2 BZ and retractable extra beds (for 2 to 4 people) for a maximum capacity of 15 people (with a child in a folding bed). On the other hand for the rental of the entire Domain contact us at least 6 or 12 months in advance.

Likewise for renting the other gites and being sure to have all the spaces available at the same time, we advise you to book your stay as soon as possible: for 1 or 2 gites plan at least 2 to 4 months in advance depending on the desired period. Be careful, however, not to exceed the accommodation capacity announced in advance! Any person not authorized in advance will be excluded or charged extra, the same for pets (prohibited on the floor of Lodging 2 : THE TOWER). In the same way, parties, receptions, courses or other events cannot be organized without our agreement (without sound system and speaker, at the limit we prefer to provide ours of reasonable intensity) and without having also rented the ground floor. floor the room adapted and equipped accordingly for groups.

For those who will only book one gîte and are worried about the proximity of hosts or guests, they can be reassured: we will know how to be discreet and the Mas Natura is very large, calm and surrounded by nature with large spaces, parking and completely independent entrances. The large salt pool (5 x 10 m) and games outside (table tennis, badminton, trampoline, slide and swing, etc.) as well as inside (gym & games room, table football, rowing machine, mechanical bike, darts, …) on 2 hectares of wooded land allow you to enjoy convivial and festive moments together or separately, or much more relaxing by being isolated, as you wish! This is why we ask everyone to respect this magnificent environment by not putting on too loud music or a sound system and avoiding making too much noise (round trip) between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. (see General Conditions of Sale – CGV)

What is the best payment method ?

All have their pros and cons ! Depending on the time available between the reservation and the day of arrival, it may be more reassuring or practical either to pay by check (in 1 or 2 installments), or to pay directly by credit card on our site. Knowing that a reservation is only definitively recorded upon receipt of the deposit. Thanks to our channel manager Amenitiz, the validation of your online reservation automatically and immediately blocks the dates selected on other operator sites (OTAs) in order to avoid any possible overbooking.

However, if you do not wish or cannot pay by check or bank card here via Amentiz-STRIPE, you can do so via CB PAYPAL (account or simple email) with more commission costs. On the other hand, we do not accept bank transfer for the first installment payment because of the risk of fraud. For more explanations, please contact us beforehand by email via the contact form or by phone at +33 (0)6 26 50 30 61

If everything is not paid when booking, the other part of the payment will then be paid later via credit card, transfer or check at least 30 or 14 days before your arrival; unless your stay is planned well in advance (more than 4 to 6 months) or closer (1 or 2 weeks). In all cases, except for “last minute” reservations (less than 14 or 7 days) we do not accept visitors who have not paid the full amount in advance.

What to do in case of cancellation, late arrival or early departure ?

It can happen to anyone to fall ill or to have a death or other serious impediment, even in the last minutes! However, as our activity is mainly seasonal and a reservation, especially for a long term, prevents other people from being able to book instead, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to systematically reimburse you at the same price, or relocate you to other dates in the year according to your and our availabilities. Depending on the situation, we try to do the best!

However, be aware that, most of the time, no payment or deposit will be refunded in the event of late cancellation less than 60 to 30 days before arrival, whether for group lodgings, a single lodging or rooms and that :

According to our T&Cs, in the event of cancellation or no-show (except if delayed arrival previously announced), we will retain as compensation for the damage caused by the “last minute” search for other customers :
– For lodges and rooms : if the cancellation takes place up to 60 days before arrival the price of the stay will be refunded (excluding bank charges), then no refund will be made except in cases of force majeure, unforeseeable and with supporting documents.
– For group lodgings with rooms : the 50% deposit is not refundable but the rest is refundable up to 60 days before arrival, after which no refund will be made except in cases of force majeure, unpredictable and with supporting documents.
– For the entire domain: no refund will be accepted given the ancillary costs of rentals and trips incurred.

On the other hand, in the event of delay, staggered arrival or scheduled departure : No worries if you had reserved for the another, from such date to such date, and that in the end you have to postpone your arrival or bring forward your departure. For example : arrival scheduled from Saturday to Saturday but requested to be postponed from Sunday or departure on Friday. Just let us know in advance, knowing that no refund can be required. On the other hand, in the event of no-show at the times fixed during the reservation and on the contract (even via OTA) and without prior warning by SMS, email or telephone, the rental is then considered to be vacant and no sum or request for relocation will may not be requested.

Will we then have to pay something on the spot ?

On arrival only, upon receipt of the keys and contract with inventory, we will collect the tourist tax (unless already collected by OTA when booking), as well as the deposit, cleaning costs and other possible supplements reserved for advance by email, SMS or telephone.

The tourist tax :
Since 2020, according to the directives of the Ministry & the Tourist Office of Thuir, the tourist tax is calculated in real terms in a rather complex way for unclassified furnished accommodation at around 2% per night and according to the number occupants and adults (children and minor adolescents, under 18, are exempt from tax). This is why normally it is therefore up to us, the hosts, to collect them separately on site on arrival, outside the price of the stay and according to the people actually present at night in our accommodation. This is also why we ask you to be transparent about this during your stay with us.

The deposit :
After the inventory, a deposit will be requested only in cash if foreign or French or by check if French (one or more accepted if group lodgings) and according to the situation: number of children, teenagers, animals, etc. Generally up to 500€ for 1 single gîte and 1500€ for 2 gîtes + rooms, either in euros (€) or in local currency (£ or $, etc.). This will then be fully refunded to you on your departure, after the inventory and return of the keys in person, if there has been no damage, theft, breakage, disappearance or degradation. Deposits apart from OTAs or personal insurance being only for major damage. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

The charges :
Apart from the tourist tax to be added, all charges are included in the overall price of the stay: our many taxes and higher taxes in France, the estimated cost of water and electricity + gas, household products and other miscellaneous costs. Parking and Wifi are also included in the price. Only bed linen and/or towels are not! Firstly because in France people often prefer to come with it (even more since the Covid), but also in order to reduce the cost of cleaning, water, electricity and ironing = pollution… If necessary and prior request, you can however rent them on site according to the number of guests and single or double beds, cots, etc.

Children & pets :
Depending on the presence or absence of young children under 3 years old and pets (2 max but not in the TOWER), we may have to charge a small supplement for equipment and cleaning.

Tidying up and quick cleaning on departure must normally be done by visitors in order to leave the accommodation(s) as they liked to find it(s) on their arrival and that they have the courtesy to then leave it(s) to the following . Even if, since 2020 and the Covid, we also then do it more thoroughly in order to disinfect it with steam; which explains why we now automatically charge everyone up to 50€ per gite, 150€ for group gites or 200€ for the entire estate.

According to your needs, in SUPPLEMENT (booking) :

  • Rental of bed linen and/or towels : €10/pers/stay for bed linen and €5/pers/stay for towels. Knowing that in each cottage, there are many pillows, duvets and blankets available, as well as tablecloths, napkins and tea towels. In France, unlike bed and breakfasts and hotels, most gîtes and holiday homes rent their premises as is (without bed linen or towels). However, if you arrive by plane or train and you do not want to burden yourself too much, we offer on-site supplements for the rental of all organic cotton bed linen (fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases). pillow), as well as small and large bath towels – not for the beach or swimming pool, however, to be provided in your suitcases. In any case, please inform us in advance of the organization of the beds to be assembled or separated according to the number of children-babies (age), teenagers and adults, couples or friends, etc. ?
  • Rental of baby or child’s folding bed & childcare items : approximately €10/stay/child with additional “umbrella baby” bed (0 to 3 years old) or “folding bed” (3 to 12 years old) with a high chair, a small plastic bathtub with reducer, a potty or reducer Children’s toilet + step, adapted games. In addition also on request: stroller, cradle, cozy or child seat, deckchair, etc.
  • Bike rental : about 5 or 10€/pers/day (according to quote). We currently have 4 MTB bikes for rent on site (2 adults and 2 children: 8-14 years old), but these are not high quality professional bikes. Please let us know in advance if you wish to reserve them or rent them from a professional in the sector.
  • Treatments or activities with professionals : to be booked in advance for professional massage and hairdressing, cycling, horseback riding, hiking, water sports, aerial excursions, etc. see Activities in Catalan Country

For other supplements (folding beds, shopping, first meals, etc.) see on the pages of the nest sats The Nest or The Tower.

What are the main rules and conditions ?

Before booking and arriving we advise you to read our Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC – CGV) where everything is more detailed. However, just be aware that :

  • Our large communal swimming pool is open in mid-season depending on the weather and climate but generally available between the beginning of May (or the end of April) and until mid-October or (beginning of November). It is completely fenced and if necessary locked for young children, without chemical chlorine (device transforming salt into natural chlorine) and must be cleaned at night, in summer, for about 10-12 hours. This is why we generally ask visitors to avoid using it between 9 p.m. in the evening and 9 a.m. (with some exceptions). Please also put away the deckchairs and parasols, especially in high winds, and do not leave anything around in your absence, especially buoys and bath towels, put away the covers, block the shutters, etc.
  • It’s also common sense to always keep young children and animals under your supervision and responsibility, especially because of and around the shared swimming pool (prohibited to pets), such as never leaving them alone either in the gîte(s). even for a “quick run”.
  • We also ask everyone to be eco-responsible with drinking water by avoiding wasting it. Give preference to city water and pour your bottled water into the plants in the evening, for example, close the taps and limit unnecessary showers, etc. We also invite you to participate, if you wish, in our household composting, only vegetable, without citrus fruits, dairy or meat products, in buckets with closed lids.
  • Thanks to our photovoltaic panels, we produce our own electricity during the day, which allows us to benefit from air conditioning. This is why we encourage you to operate your household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.) and digital appliances (tablet, computer, etc.) rather during the day, and if possible in the evening to reconnect with family and friends with games. or walks, to appreciate the calm, the harmony and the beauty of the diurnal or nocturnal landscape.
  • Also notify us of any additional guests during the day (prohibited at night depending on our maximum capacity) and before any parties, receptions, courses or conferences. Because we ask, as a priority and with full transparency, to preserve here the spirit of the place, Nature as well as the tranquility of the animals and humans around: visitors, neighbors or other inhabitants of the village… By avoiding putting on music especially outside (no sound system or speaker) and making noise especially at night between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m in summer. This is why, as a general rule, very “watered” festive evenings are FORBIDDEN in our lodgings, except in exceptional cases such as during the end of year celebrations for example, and only with guests sleeping on site according to the capacity of maximum reception announced.
  • Similarly, the smoking area is only outside, but as we are in an area with a high fire risk, like everywhere in the South, you have at your disposal closed and therefore suitable ashtrays, such as a gas griddle on wheels with cover rather than a fixed charcoal barbecue, which is more dangerous, toxic and above all risky with young children or animals.
  • The equipment lent in the gite and games & sports room must absolutely remain on site (risk of loss or theft), except with prior agreement and written request (SMS). Remember to take care of it as if it were your own 🙂

How to prepare your stay ?

Notifying us at least 2 weeks before your arrival is always preferable in order to exchange some additional information, such as your route and approximate arrival times, the organization of beds and rooms (number of adults and children, couples , etc.), reception hours and meals for the evening or breakfast (if you book, according to tastes or allergies), your children and/or animals, your choice of activities to organize in advance, equipment, towels and linen to bring (if not book), access and parking…

Also remember to visit and contact the sites of the Tourist Offices for activities and events :

Book before your arrival your massage-modeling or hairdressing sessions by professionals (adult or child) : haircut, adult Chinese massage or Ayurvedic baby or child massage on site or in an institute.

Book in advance or on site the rental of bikes (family : 2 adults and 2 children) or more professional at Le Boulou (velo-sud-location) or in Argelès-sur-Mer – see : https://www.

Book your rides or lessons on horseback or pony at the Sant Jordi Equestrian Center in St Génis des Fontaines (5 km) or at the St Georges Equestrian Center between Pollestres and Canohès (12 km).

Information Golf (with or without reservation) at Golf de Montescot (9 holes) 10 km away or at Golf de St Cyprien (27 holes) 20 km away.

As a stay in a gite is often done by the week (in high season) or sometimes over 2-3 days (in low season), it may be useful to obtain more information beforehand. So if you prefer, or are of foreign nationality, you can also send us an email or SMS with all your questions or requests and we will help you and answer them as quickly as possible (English or German language).

How to come to Banyuls Dels Aspres?

By train (TGV) or plane via 3 train stations and national airports in France (Perpignan, Narbonne and Bezier) or Spain (Girona), or 3 international airports in France (Montpellier and Toulouse) or Spain (Barcelona).

By car, after Perpignan :

  • via the A9 motorway towards Barcelona – exit 43 : highway toll Le Boulou, D115 then direction St Jean Pla-de-Corts, D900 several roundabouts towards Perpignan, then D40a (rue des Sablon) towards Banyuls dels Aspres then 1st roundabout 2nd exit (la Blanquète, route du Boulou). Arriving at the village, continue straight after the first small roundabout, then at the second roundabout take the 3rd road on the left: Rue des Vendanges which goes up to the Town Hall and the Post Office but before, about in the middle of the turn, is on your right a small dirt road that goes up a little up to the electric gate of 31 rue des Vendanges (sign “MAS NATURA” on a red background). Be careful not to take the deadlock of the harvest, but a street further !
  • D900 by the Catalan village – the Oliu to Banyuls-dels-Aspres exit at the Rond pond de l’Oliu towards Banyuls-dels-Aspres D40, follow avenue de l’Olivier, then turn left “All directions” (rue de la Tramontane) until ” at the small village square and church, follow the rue de la Poste on the left to the town hall (rue des Vendanges) then at the first bend take a short dirt road on the left which leads to the “MAS NATURA” (sign red). Not the Vendanges dead-end but a street further !

How to organize your departure and return ?

The Arrival :
Remember to send us an email at least 2 weeks before for the organization of rooms and specific needs. Then the day of your departure, send us a short message (SMS) one hour before your arrival to let us know your approximate times. Please note that entry into the lodging(s) can only be done after 7 or 6 p.m. in summer and until 10 or 11 p.m. (or more depending on traffic or other impediment reported in advance). In case of early arrival, we advise you to do some quick shopping at the Boulou supermarkets (5-10 mins) to be quiet the next day, and on the other hand, in case of delay, please notify us by SMS quickly so that we can organize ourselves.

The Departure :
The evening before or the day of your departure, please plan the storage and quick cleaning of the accommodation(s) and terraces for the following guests. The next morning, after loading and cleaning, plan about 15-20 minutes before your departure to take stock and inventory together, settle the last details and say goodbye without haste or stress. It’s better to end your vacation peacefully! Especially since we will need to collect the keys to the lodging(s) around 10 or 11 a.m. to prepare them for the afternoon guests who arrive after 5 or 6 p.m. too.

In any case, we hope that your stay with us, in relaxing contact with Nature and visiting the Pyrenees Orientales, will have rejuvenated you and pleased you so much that you will want to come back or talk to your friends and families about it afterwards. Do not hesitate, in this case, to leave us a short message in our Guestbook and/or on the internet, thank you in advance !