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With the rental of one or two lodgings, we wish to offer our guests, tourist tenants as local inhabitants, professionals, associations or companies… a space more suitable for courses, internships or training, entertainment or receptions, seminars or conferences. inside and outside our large farmhouse on 2 hectares of wooded and fenced land.

Thus, below the Gîte le NID, there is another larger rectangular room and all in length so very practical for storing chairs, a small new kitchen equipped with dishwasher and built-in oven, kettle, coffee machine , etc. with a bar with stools for a cozy and friendly space, next to a small shower room with WC. The set is designed to accommodate around thirty people seated or more if standing (40 maximum) on 30 very comfortable conference chairs, a table on a stand provided and the possible rental of a video projector with its stand (at an additional cost, with bail).

To rent only with one or two gîtes during school holidays or outside but only in low season (from October to May) with the rental either of the entire estate (25 people sleeping) or in Group Gîtes (2 gîtes + room for 15 people) or with the Gîte le NID + room (for 8 people maximum). Each space can normally be rented individually or in full, depending on your budget and situation. This is why it is always better to contact us for a suitable quote and allow at least 4 to 6 months in advance. Knowing that we rarely rent the room alone and only between October and April (except in special cases).

Room for training, internships, meetings, conferences, receptions…

– Room inside :
On the ground floor : a long rectangular room, cool and tiled, of about 40 m2 for 20 or 30 people seated with a small new kitchen equipped for heating, with a bar, next to the common games room and sports area of ​​15 m2 which can also be used as an occasional extra bedroom for groups and a small shower room with WC.

Maximum capacity of the room for course-workshops, training, seminars, conferences or receptions of around twenty people (seated for meals) or thirty adults (seated for a conference) or quarantine (standing for the evening) – contact us for the preconditions, regulations and personalized quote.

– Outdoor spaces :
Our large grounds all around the Mas Natura can occasionally be covered with marquees or other, with one or two parking lots for ten cars and several sunny or shaded terraces for exceptional services such as weddings, birthdays or other events.

For more information see also the photos and videos on Group lodgings or whole Domain and Gym & Games Room.

Possible events

Receptions, parties, birthdays, events, shows :

To plan first of all according to the available dates (plan in advance), whether or not they respect our rules and criteria (risks & nuisances) as health, hygiene and safety conditions, but also according to our own capacity reception, beds and parking spaces for the organization of small events & receptions such as family and/or friend celebrations, birthdays for adults or children, entertainment and shows, or even intimate ceremonies such as small weddings, baptisms, funerals, etc. Pre-visit possible and even preferable!

Courses, training, conferences and seminars :

To be offered according to your own courses, internships, training, seminars, conferences or associative or professional meetings, etc. but always with respect for nature and others, with an open mind and without fears, prejudices or cultural or religious preconceived ideas… Courses or conferences, for example on the prevention of health and well-being, medicines alternative or traditional (osteopathy, naturopathy, Chinese medicine or others), physical activities and therapeutic or preventive care such as Reiki, Shiatsu, Qi Qong, Taï Chi Chuan, Yoga, etc. Courses or conferences on meditation and fasting, ecology and sustainable development of our region and country, etc.

We remain open to all possibilities. The best is always to make “tailor-made” according to your own needs and budget, ask us beforehand for a quote after having read our regulations below & C.T.S, Important information

Our own trainings & conferences

With regard to our own course, internships or training, we also intend to offer individuals as well as professionals, associations or companies, courses and internships on motherhood and parenthood, around authentic education and teaching in connection with respect for nature and “light therapy” based on the rhythm and reformulation of our gestures and language to facilitate better listening and understanding of others, stress management, burn-out or depression, obviously related to health , food, water and healing, ecology, the environment and sustainable development.

All this in order to better communicate in a progressively less violent and fair, more authentic and frank way, learn to better relativize and manage the inevitable external and internal conflicts, social, professional, emotional and family pressure… better understand and improve any relationship difficulties with children, families or couples, friends, colleagues, bosses and authorities, etc.