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With the rental of one or two lodging you can benefit from the small gym and common games accessible at the back of the farmhouse, on the ground floor, near the swimming pool, the trampoline with the playground in wood and the ping-pong table, rowing machine and indoor bike, darts and other games for children and adults. In each lodging you will also have in the rooms a private space with a desk for possible teleworking with free WiFi (routers) and soon also Fiber or for the reception of sales representatives at reduced prices and out of season (from October to May).

This small games & sports room is a cool, tiled room in the basement with reversible air conditioning in the warm seasons in addition to ceramic radiators for the colder periods. It also has a small suspended desk and the possibility of using an extra retractable bed (subject to conditions). This small bright games & sports room, with large bay windows facing N/W at the back of the Mas, is on one level with all the other outdoor games and close to the swimming pool shared with the lodgings but which can become private if reserved in “Groupe Lodgings”. Swimming pool with salts without chemical chlorine available only between mid April and mid October approximately.

For individual teleworking or collective work, we can also receive larger groups for specific stays of “cohesion” between company colleagues, members of associations or communities – then see our other pages : Conferences-internships-receptions and Group Lodgings. Knowing that our 2 private car parks, with electric gates at the entrance, can contain around fifteen vehicles.

Rules & Conditions at Mas Natura :

We ask parents and other adults around to watch their children and teenagers carefully during their stay at Mas Natura. From a pedagogical point of view as for learning to live in a community, to teach them to put away the games and the room before leaving, to close the door properly (especially in summer because of the air conditioning as in winter heating), to put away the balls and rackets each time in the room, to take off their shoes when getting on the trampoline (never more than 2 children together and 1 teenager alone), to be careful in and around the era games and especially the common swimming pool (armbands for poor swimmers), not to leave towels, toys and buoys lying around, which would then risk disappearing and flying away, and finally, except with the prior agreement of the owners, to leave all the games on site even if it is tempting to take them and risk losing them at the beach !

Our reception project revolving around well-being and respect for the environment, we only accept people who respect nature, others and the neighborhood, children and animals, such as natural calm and revitalizing places. This is why young children and pets have their place and priority there, even if they must not excessively disturb others, nor be left alone and unsupervised at the risk of panicking and getting out of this place. large property which although partly fenced is nonetheless open on 2 hectares to other stray animals (wild or not).

Regarding arrivals and exits as well as the noise caused, we just ask you to be measured, respectful of the place and the tranquility that you yourself have come to seek. This is why music is only tolerated inside and at a certain volume, nor every evening either and especially not between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. according to the French laws in force. Knowing that the sound system with speakers even on the phone (with volume up) is strictly prohibited because of the bass it generates. This even in the lodgings as in the room or rooms which are not as well isolated as a discotheque or village party room more suited to festive evenings, in particular for birthdays and “parties of young revelers” or “bachelor of life of boys”, strictly prohibited here. We just make exceptions for certain events and/or end-of-year celebrations (Christmas and New Year’s Day) as long as they are moderate. The natural and enchanting setting does not lend itself absolutely to excesses during the day or festive evenings so please take this into account when choosing your reservation !

Also notify us in advance of the expected number of guests because we are required to know and respect a certain maximum number on site, as well as to respect our T&Cs and to refer to the regulations and important information published here.